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27. Andy Leleisi’uao

I am a New Zealand born Samoan from Auckland, New Zealand.

My first visit to Maria Valeria Bridge was humbling. I cannot help but smile. We become friends and feel she is comfortable enough for me to call her Maria after some time. Her great presence and history is an inspiration as I realise this is no ordinary Artist in Residence.

I was graciously invited here by Karol Fruhauf, Yuri and Sophia Himmler have overseen my gentle introduction into this wonderful township. I have had over fifty solo exhibitions to date and have been part of numerous projects. I hope I can reciprocate with people I meet here with my imagination and memories as a small token of my appreciation in serving my tenure as the 26th Bridge Guard (July 1st – September 31st).




Aug 2013  Episades of the Pino’nati, Auckland Art Fair.
Apr            Le Tumau, Whitespace, Auckland.
Sep 2012  Dandelion People, BCA, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
                 Immigration Mind, TSB Bank Wallace Art Centre, The Pah, Auckland.
Jun            Quasimodo Love, PaperGraphica, Christchurch.
May           Polyneitus Spring, Milford Gallery, Dunedin
Aug 2011  World of Lemeads, ROAR! Gallery, Wellington.
May           World of Erodipolis, Milford Gallery, Dunedin.
Mar           Arytipidal, Blue Oyster, Dunedin.
                 Ufological City, Volta, New York, USA.
Nov 2010  Cryptid Illuminati, Whitespace, Auckland.
Sep           Andy Leleisi’uao, McCahon House, Titirangi, Auckland.
July           Wandering Through Pandemonium Quiet, COCA Gallery, Christchurch.
May          Andy Leleisi’uao, Thistle Hall, Wellington.
Nov 2009 Asefeka of the Unmalosa, Kips Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA.
Sep          Areatures of the Arctaur People, BCA, Rarotonga, Cook Isl


Andy Leleisi’uao

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